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Why is it worth coming to Lublin? Discover the charms of the Old Town [1/2]

Why is it worth coming to Lublin? Discover the charms of the Old Town [1/2]

12 March 2020


  • Lublin Castle
    The Gothic castle was built on the hill in the 1st half of the 14th century by Casimir the Great. In 1569, the castle was the venue of the parliamentary session that led to the signing of the Polish-Lithuanian Union of Lublin. In the 17th century, as a result of wars, the castle was destroyed and finally demolished in the 18th century. From the entire castle complex only the 13th-century Romanesque tower, known as Donjon, the Gothic chapel of the Holy Trinity and a section of the Gothic tower, known as the Jewish Tower, have survived to this day.
  • Lublin Archcathedral 
    The church of St John the Baptist and John the Evangelist was built in 1586-1604 to serve the Society of Jesus, which arrived at that time in Lublin.  The church's designer was one of the friars - Jan Maria Bernardoni who partly based its project on the Roman residence of the Jesuits – the Il Gesu Church. In the 18th century, Józef Meyer decorated the interior of the church with beautiful paintings depicting Biblical scenes.
  • The Krakowska Gate 
    The Krakowska Gate, one of the symbols of the city, was constructed in the 14th century along with the city walls. Its name originates from the historic route leading from Cracow via Lublin to Vilnius. It was an observation point for the fire brigade, and the city's bugle-call was played from it as well. It was also inhabited by the clockmaker servicing the gate's clock.
  • The Trinitarian Tower
    The impressive Trinitarian Tower used to be an inconspicuous wicket in the buildings of the Jesuit College adjacent to the city walls. It was only after reconstruction in 1819, according to the design of Antonio Corazzi, that the 60-metre tower began to proudly overlook the city. A tin cock looks down from the top of the tower which, as the legend goes, warned the residents of Goat’s Town of approaching danger. Apparently, it watches over the city to this day. The top floor of the tower features a viewing terrace where visitors can admire the panorama of Lublin. To get to the top you need to climb 207 steps. 
  • The Lublin Underground Trail
    The Lublin Underground Trail is a nearly 280-meter tourist route running under the Old Market Square and tenement houses of the Old Town. It was created by connecting several old-town cellars, which history dates back to the beginning of 16 th century that is the century of the greatest splendour of Lublin. The cellars were partially connected by corridors and in this way an underground labyrinth was built under the city.
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