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Wellness & SPA

Intimate SPA inside the historical interiors is an ideal place for a rest and relax. Unique atmosphere of this place is created by mosaic of mirrors joined by the lubelska bedrock.

At Your and citizens of Lublin disposal we have:

  • 10m x 5m swimming pool with a water curtain, geiser and hydro massage
  • jacuzzi
  • sauna
  • steam room with aromatherapy
  • beauty salon with a wide range of massages and face and body treatments

For treatments we use only professional products of well-known companies like: SOTHYS and SALCO. In the interest of comfort of every one who wishes to use the Wellness & SPA zone, we kindy ask you for a former reservation.

You can make a reservation at our reception desk or via phone:
+48 81 516 90 90 lub +48 601 902 800.


Hotel Alter


Entrace withour time limit75 PLN
For our guests staying at the hotel, entry NO LIMITfree of charge
For our guests who purchase any SPA treatments or massages, entry NO LIMITfree of charge


ALL DAY SPA - Give yourself some time for relax, feel most taken care of and rested. This package offers: Gentle and energizing Salco au Naturel whole body peeling with a fresh aroma, accura. Duration: 2:30 h530 PLN
CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION - Come and let yourself be carried away with our chocolate delight known as „God’s nectar” which cheers you up and has antidepressive effects by invigorating organism to produce endorphins which evokes happiness and satisfaction. Chocolate massage stimulates fat burning, enhances skin condition and drains and reduces cellulite. This package offers: • Chocolate body peeling (refreshes your skin and also firms and toughens connective tissue). • Relaxing whole body massage with hot chocolate. • Chocolate lotion which leaves your skin perfectly nourished and smelling with subtle and sense stimulating chocolate aroma. • Chocolate cocktail. Duration: 1:30 h390 PLN
BEAMING YOUNG MOTHER - Be happy with your body after pregnancy. For our young mothers we have a safe, non-invasive, based on the newest technologies in cosmetology, slimming package which firms, shapes and reduces cellulite and body girth. This package includes: • Peeling with bamboo brush, purifies and detoxifies body, stimulates blood circulation. • Massage with Chinese bubble (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) reduces cellulite, accelerates metabolism by improving blood circulation. • Body lotion. • Selected base face treatment –(relaxing, hydrating, clay). Duration: 2:15 h330 PLN
ACTIVE MAN - Regenerate your vital forces, feel relaxed by giving yourself to the most exquisite massages. This package offers massage with mountain crystals . It helps with better energy flow through exhausted organism. • Massage with mountain crystals, stimulate blood and lymph circulation. • Selected base face treatment-( relaxing, hydrating, clay). • Body lotion. • Detoxicating cocktail. Duration: 2:10 h430 PLN
FIT LADY Restore your body condition, improve your health and well-being along with beautiful and sporty appearance by giving chance to calm yourself and also lose your weight: • Peeling with bamboo brush, purifies and detoxifies body, stimulates blood circulation. • Massage with Chinese bubble (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) reduces cellulite, accelerates metabolism by improving blood circulation. • Strengthening cranberry mask smoothies, makes skin more elastic and helps to reduce cellulite by coating you with cranberry aroma. • Fit cocktail. Duration: 1:45 h290 PLN
WELCOME OZI SPA - Ozi Spa invites you to an impressive relaxation inspired by Turkish massage. In all senses, discover the relaxation of the mind, body and spirit. Close your eyes and move to Turkish groves saturated with hot air with the scent of orange trees, taste a miracle tea served in decorative dishes, relax the body undergoing caring hand movements a masseur, and all this to the sounds of music that an innoiny sounds in Turkish baths. • Session in the sauna with a citrus aroma will prepare the body for treatments and massages • Natural salt peeling with olive oil wonderfully firmed and smoothes the skin of the whole body. • An original relaxing massage and face massage will provide an unusual sensation for the body • Traditional clay will cleanse the face and improve the coloring, making it even more delicate. • Traditional Turkish tea to choose from (spicy-sweet, black, herbal.). Duration: 1:45 h390 PLN


AROMATIC ALL DAY SPA FOR COUPLES - For the sake of your beauty, reach out for our cosmetic treatments, give solace to your body and mind. This package offers: • Gentle and energizing Salco au Naturel whole body peeling with a fresh aroma accurately flakes off the outer layer of epidermis, enhances circulation causing your skin to be more healthy, oxygenated and shiny. • Selected base face treatment –(relaxing, hydrating, clay.) • Candle massage with Heaven Pol candle (candle scents to choose from). • A carafe of white or red wine for couples. Duration: 2 h790 PLN
RELAXING ALL DAY SPA FOR COUPLES - Spend time in the SPA indulging in relaxation for two. In the package, we offer: • Relaxing massage - the perfect way to get rid of both physical fatigue and mental. Heals sore and strained muscles, and is also a real pleasure for the body and for the spirit. • Facial massage - as a result of facial massage the skin acquires a healthy color, thanks stimulation of circulation and dilation of blood vessels. The skin is better oxygenated. • A carafe of white or red wine for couples. Duration: 1:30 h520 PLN
SWEET ALL DAY SPA FOR COUPLES - Let yourself be spoiled with sweet chocolate, which in addition to aromatic sensations will take great care for the condition of the skin. The package includes: • Gentle and energizing Salco au Naturel whole body peeling with a fresh aroma accurately flakes off the outer layer of epidermis, enhances circulation causing your skin to be more healthy, oxygenated and shiny. • Massage with hot chocolate gives an incredible warmth effect. Warming up the body and stimulating the senses makes endorphins excrete, which are the hormones of happiness. Chocolate also has strong nutritional properties for the skin, stimulates microcirculation and firms the body, supports slimming. • Chocolate balm that leaves the skin perfectly nourished, fragrant subtle stimulating the senses with the aroma of chocolate. • Chocolate or fruity smoothie for couples. Duration: 1:30 h680 PLN
BEAUTIFUL MOTHER AND DAUGHTER AT SPA - Spend a moment of relaxation with your daughter, relax your body and senses, while taking care of your beauty. The package includes: • Selected base treatment for the face (relaxing, hydrating, clay), adapted to the needs of your skin. • Paraffin treatment for hands and feet preceded by peeling. • Fruit cocktail. Duration: 1:30 h420 PLN
AJURVEDIC ALL DAY SPA - Take advantage of the oldest Hindu recipes for relaxation and health. Feel the power nature in all treatments and get the harmony of your senses. Clean the body and spirit. • Session in the sauna with the aromas of cloves and cinnamon will cleanse the body, and the carnations chewed complete the refreshment • Aromatic foot bath with rose petals combined with the savoring of ginger tea or cinnamon will provide a sense of comfort and peace • A herbal peeling with red clay and anise will stimulate the senses and smooth the skin. • clay mask on the face will improve the skin tone and give it a shine • Abhyanga massage with warm black sesame oil will relax your muscles, moisturize the skin, it will nourish the tissues and increase the flow of energy in the body. Duration: 2 h790 PLN


ABHYANGA MASSAGE - During the massage the whole body is intensively massaged with a lot Sesame oil to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. Abhyanga nourishes the body, prolongs life, provides good sleep, improves the appearance of the skin, improves eyesight and physical condition. It is used for treatment many diseases. Duration: 1 h290 PLN
BAMBOO MASSAGE - It is a relaxing treatment, based on oriental techniques of massage. Apart from major manual movements, a therapist uses bamboo sticks and hollow bamboo canes as well as some elements of reflexotherapy. The techniques of bamboo massage ( kneading, rolling, sliding, dabbing, tapping) are performed to relax, heal, drain and firm the body. Duration: 1 h250 PLN
MOROCCAN MASSAGE - This type of massage is characterised by many gentle strokings performed over and over again. They are practiced on legs and arms at the same time. Argan oil is used here. A feeling of being massaged by more than one therapist accompanies this treatement. Duration: 1 h290 PLN
BALI MASSAGE - This traditional bali massage uses intensive hand practice through strong acupressure pressure followed by pressing, stroking, rubbing and percussion as well as gently skin stretching. Duration: 1 h290 PLN
UDVARTANA MASSAGE - Intensive and dynamic type of massage, which combines strong pressing and kneading. Performer uses herbal powders with some chickpea flour, barley and red clay. It perfectly smooths skin flaws just after the first treatment. And after the whole series of Udvartana massages, a reduction of cellulite and fat waist is visible. In traditional Hindu medicine, one of the best cleansing and slimming treatements. Duration: 0:45 h290 PLN
SHIRODHARA MASSAGE - This is mainly a massage of head which gives an amazing experience compared to a feeling of trance. It supports the work of pineal gland as well as pituitary gland. Moreover, it provides absolute rest and relax. It helps to find the harmony between body and spirit. A therapist pours warm oil on the exact point between the eyebrows and performs a proper head massage. But also neck, shoulders and a part of back. It excellently stimulates hair growth by nourishing hair roots and reduces muscles tension. Duration: 0:45 h290 PLN
SHIROABHYANGA MASSAGE - It is a combination of abhyanga and shirodhara massages. A whole body and head massage along with pouring the forhead with warm oil. Duration: 1:30 h390 PLN
SULTAN MASSAGE FOR 4 HANDS - This type of massage is unique as it gives particular sensations. Performers making the treatment are companionate, their symmetric movements of hands introduce perfect harmony to the body. The massage is rhythmic, flowing and soothing. Duration: 0:45 h350 PLN
ROCK CRYSTAL MASSAGE WITH AROMATHERAPY - This type of massage uses beautiful, colourful rock crystals and warm Ayurvedic oil. It vitalises the body, perfectly removes tension as well as muscles pains, it also warms up. During the massage performers use only unique custom-stones and rock crystals which come from different regions of India. These stones are: jaspers, cornelians, goldstones, tiger’s eye, rock crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli, rose quartz. Each of them has different specified action which is intensified by warming up the stones. The massage is connected with aromatherapy of seven essential oils which have a positive effect on energetic center of human. Duration: 1:00 h290 PLN
LOMI LOMI MASSAGE - It is a combination of acupressure, relaxation massage and biotherapy. Performer uses forearms make dancey movements. This type of massage stimulates blood circulation, benefits gastrointestinal system, soothes tones, soothes ailments of urogenital and skeletal systems. This massage is so relaxing that it releases huge amounts of positive energy, adrenalises, brings comfort, gives the sense of optymism and helps to regain quietude. Duration: 1 h290 PLN
THAI FOOT MASSAGE - A relaxing ritual for the feet. It begins with bathing and rubbing both feet in Himalayan salt. The next practice is intensive massage of the feet and shins. A performer uses special wooden sticks for some movements. Duration: 0:35 h190 PLN
JAPANESE FACIAL MASSAGE - Unique rejuvenating facial massage including acupressure points on the body, has an extremely effective effect. Harmonizes the work of hormones, supports circulation, stimulates collagen production and relaxes. Duration: 0:25 h150 PLN


CANDLE MASSAGE Candles made of pure and natural Shea butter with natural perfume oil. This type of massages are recommended for people who are prone to irritations and allergies. Firms and hydrates skin perfectly. Candle scents to choose from. Duration: 0:50 h220 PLN
MASSAGE WITH CHINESE BUBBLE (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) Reduces cellulite, accelerates metabolism by improving blood circulation. Duration: 0:45 h120 PLN
HOT CHOCOLATE MASSAGE Massage with hot chocolate gives you an incredible warmth effect. By warming your body up and invigorating your senses it makes endorphins, which are hormones of happiness, to excrete. Chocolate has also high skin nourishing properties and it invigorates micro-circulation, firms body and helps slimming. Duration: 0:50 h260 PLN
PARTIAL CLASSIC MASSAGE A relaxing and therapeutic treatment – especially helpful with easing mental tension, cramps, joints and musce ache along with headaches. Duration: 0:25 h100 PLN
CLASSIC WHOLE BODY MASSAGE Relaxing and therapeutic whole body classic massage. Duration: 0:50 h200 PLN
RELAXING MASSAGE A perfect way to get rid of both physical and psyhical exhaustion. It cures sore and tight muscles and it’s also a true pleasure for your body and soul. Duration: 0:50 h200 PLN
SPORTS MASSAGE It is an intensive massage used before or after physical activity.The purpose of the massage is to prepare the muscles for activity or regeneration after sporting effort. Techniques are selected individually.Duration: 0:50 h250 PLN
FACE MASSAGE As a result of the massage, complexion gets a healthy colour which indicates that circulation and vasodilation are invigorated. Thanks to this the skin if more oxygenated. Duration: 0:25100 PLN


MODELLING TREATMENT OZI SPA - Restore wonderful, youthful firmness of your body, using a tested formula to reduce cellulite. Model your body, strenghten your muscles and spurt fat burning. In this package we offer: • Bamboo brush peeling which improves blood supply. • Massage with Chinesse bubble (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) according to technique and formula of OZI SPA, the mixture of essential oils and base oils which helps to improve skin firmness. • Training of abs, thighs, buttocks and arms using electrostimulation that firms up and models your body. • Removing of tones in particular areas of body with the use of electrostimulation Duration: 1:40 h290 PLN
ELECTROSTIMULATION - Training the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and shoulders with the help of impulses connected with toning and removal of muscle tone in specific parts of the body. Duration: 1 h150 PLN
PARAFFIN FEET AND HANDS TREATMENT - After applying, the paraffin creates a protective layer which closes moisture within the skin thus enhances circulation and the nurturing substances contained inside cosmetic formulations are absorbed much quicker.Duration: 0:40 h100 PLN
WHOLE BODY PEELING - Peeling nourishes and greases skin, optimally hydrating it providing velvet smoothness. After the treatment, a nice film that naturally protects your skin from dehydration is created. Duration: 0:30 h100 PLN


SOTHYS ΒP3 – REJUVENATING TREATMENT BP3 it’s a targeted action in order to reduce signs of skin aging: reduction and prevention of wrinkles, counteraction of skin loosenes. Ultra-sophisticated treatment is characterised by, like other intensive treatments, personalized products and expert application method. Five steps of treatment, eight specific formulas, effectiveness and unforgettable relax in order to get visibly younger skin. Duration: 1:15 h340 PLN
SOTHYS HYDRA 3HA - MOISTURIZING TREATMENT Programme of optimal skin rejuvenation and hydration. Modern treatment prepared by Sothys Research Group based on the newest knowledge regarding rejuvenation and hydration of skin. Protected under the patent, the longlasting 1055 Boletus Extract hydration complex was supplemented by hialuronic acid, of various particles sizes, effect (hydrating and rejuvenating effect). Duration: 1:15 h350 PLN
SOTHYS REJUVENATING AND FILLING TREATMENT - Invigorates the right skin functioning. Thanks to ingredients rich in nourishing elements it regenerates, boosts energy, deeply hydrates, firms and stimulates skin. Enhances the energetic potential and cel oxygenation. Duration: 1 h200 PLN
SOTHYS NOURISHING AND HYDRATING TREATMENT - Intensive, deep and long lasting hydration, smoothes and revitalises. Brings shine and healthy complexion colour for dehydrated skin. Eliminates signs of exhaustion leaving your sking bright and velvet smooth. Rejuvenates facial lines. Duration: 1 h200 PLN
BASE RELAXING TREATMENT (make-up removal, enzymatic peeling, ampoule, massage) - Enzymatic peeling will gently flake off the outer layer of epidermis, ampoule brightens up, nourishes and enhances the looks of complexion, face massage will oxygenate and enhance circulation. Duration: 0:50 h170 PLN
BASE HYDRATING TREATMENT (make-up removal, cavitation peeling, sonophoresis, cream) - Treatment which uses cavitation peeling that through ultrasound vibrations removes excess sebum, blackheads and dead epidermis painlessly. After the treatment the skin is smooth, bright and hydrated. To strenghten the peeling effect, it’s joined with sonophoresis – ultrasound wave that enables to implement active substances, from formulations put on face, into deeper layers of skin. Duration: 0:50 h170 PLN
BASE MUD TREATMENT (make-up removal, enzymatic peeling + mud treatment mask) - You can choose white, green and red clay. Green clay: great cleanses the complexion and removes all kinds of pollution. Clay red: treats acne and soothes the capillary skin. White clay: has astringent, nourishing and regenerating properties. Duration: 0:50 h170 PLN

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